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The global software industry is now amidst an evolutionary change as several forces in the market are converging, triggering paradigm shifts in the basic structure of the business. The explosion in the number of mobile devices, the ubiquity of broadband connectivity and the consumerisation of IT are shifting the balance of power in enterprise software purchasing from the software vendor to the individual user. These trends are forcing software companies to change nearly everything—from the way they develop products to how they price, sell, deliver and service them.

At Got, we believe that technology should simplify businesses, not complicate them; it should free you, not tie you down. It is this philosophy that has been the driving force behind all our innovations and product developments. Since our foray into the ERP market in 2008, Got has come a long way. Today, Got is a force to reckon with in the global Cloud market. Having serviced over 1000+ customers across verticals, Got is proficient enough to handle a varied range of business requirements.

Got’s key differentiator is its innovative approach to develop products through its revolutionary enterprise application assembly and delivery platform – ENGINEER ERP (for Construction Industry) and ENGINEER 360 (Construction quality inspection mobile app).

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