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Leadership Team / Mr. Salaai Darwin

Mr. Salaai Darwin

Founder, Innovator & Product Architect (Director)

Salaai Darwin received Master’s Degree in computer science from University of Madras, earlier he started his life in working MNC’s and made himself as a prior person by his technology. He also have spiritual belief and change his name as Salaai Darwin. He dreamed himself as a technical entrepreneur so he resigned his job and initiate Olivesoft technology solution as a start-up company in 2008 as service based company for telecom sectors .

In 2011 Olivesoft faced lot of project crisis and restriction forced him economical efficiency and transformed his business model from service based company to product based. That’s how his innovation starts to deploy an end product to construction industry. Initially he faced lot of challenges in deploying the product “COCOMO” in the construction industry none of the civil engineers accepted to deploy for their business due lag of domain knowledge and civil engineers felt it is not up to their expectations.

Taking this as a good experience he restructured the product with the help of a senior architect Er.Venkatachalam (Chennai Civil Engineer’s Association, President) in 2012 gave a great hope and re entered in to the market as “Engineer ERP” and renamed the company from “Olivesoft Technology Solutions” to “Got Softwares” and got a warm welcome from global civil engineers and now this product is been shaped as end product for the construction enterprises.

In 2016, beginning he affected by a spinal cord injury and slowly paralyzed not able to walk, even though in this tough situation he taken a challenge and introduced a new product “Engineer 360” for quality inspection mobile app in construction Industry and adding up more new customers in to the business.

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