Designed By Civil Engineers Developed By Experts.

Got Software’s based on its extensive product development experience abstracted the entire software development process into a Model Based Software Development methodology.Engineer ERP (our PaaS platform) implements this development methodology supported by a comprehensive Software Meta model that captures all the data that is required to generate and deliver solutions in multiple technology platforms.


  • Manage muti-projects happenings anywhere through mobile or tablet.
  • Implementation time is less and simple to use.
  • Control your projects within your estimated time and money.
  • Site Engineers can update the project status from the spot of the site through mobile or tablet.
  • Rich look and feel with business intelligence reports and dashboards.


  • Case Details entry• Land Definition
  • Land Visit & Feasibility details
  • Broker Details Entry
  • Land Purchase agreement details entry
  • Land Registration Details entry
  • Land Payments Schedule Definition
  • Land Payment Request, Approval and Payments
  • Lawyer and other legal Consultant payments
  • Broker Payments
  • Land Sales
  • Land Sales Receipt
  • Case Hearing Schedule
  • Follow-up Allocation
  • Lawyer definition
  • Legal Consult definition
  • Case hearing scheduling
  • Hearing details entry


  • Inventory Management and Stores
  • Updates and Completion Tracking (Material, Labour and Asset Consumption tracking)
  • RA Billing and Payments with appropriate Tax Compliance
  • Contracting Monitoring and QS Tracking
    (Separate Module for Contracting and Billing as Well)
  • Create estimate and BOQ’s. Load BOQs into BOQ Master
  • Build a Budget for Execution and maintain Versions as working Drawings are released
  • Tendering Process and Registration of Contractors
  • Finalization of Work Orders (Composite, Labour Only, Inclusive) – various types with
  • Tax Compliance
  • Indent – to – Issue Process from Site


  • Articulate a detailed project schedule with list of daily action items and broad project goals.
  • Track individual and module-wise completion of tasks to ensure that the overall project remains within the scheduled timeframe
  • Holiday setting
  • Material accrue details editing
  • Labour accrue details editing
  • Equipment accrue details editing
  • Daily activity completion entry
  • Project scheduling preparation


  • Quotation entry and comparison
  • Purchase order preparation with link to estimate/budget
  • PO approval process
  • PO amendment
  • Direct expense payment
  • Manage cash & inventories flow better with the purchases management module.
  • Get a real-time view of stock requirements for each project & site and ensure your cash is not blocked in idle-inventory.
  • Indent preparation by site


  • Keep an up-to-date record of all inventories and resources.
  • Manage movement of inventory and issue of materials with additional features to account for site-to-site transfers.
  • GRN at site with freight details
  • Materials issue
  • Site-to-site transfers
  • Material-returned-to-vendor account


  • Tendering process with e-tendering facility
  • Work order
  • Work order approval
  • Running account bill preparation
  • Hold amount release
  • Summary preparation, mobilization amount, deductions etc…
  • Work order amendment
  • Mbook entry
  • Retention release


  • Single-point snapshot of fixed assets and their accounting.
  • Track purchase and maintenance history and account for fuel consumption.
  • Improved management of hired fixed assets and their management.
  • Fixed asset purchase
  • Fixed asset coding
  • Fixed asset log book entry
  • Fixed asset register
  • Equipment fuel consumption entry
  • Equipment maintenance record
  • Equipment depreciation
  • Equipment on-hire
  • AMC


  • Complete control of your hired & owned labour.
  • Track performance and implement efficiency guidelines.
  • Effective utilization to ensure that none of the projects are over-staffed or under-stand.
  • Complete control of your hired & owned labour.


  • Automatic generation of vouchers from other modules
  • Subcontractors billing
  • Vendor invoice posting
  • Hired labour bill posting
  • Casual labour bill posting
  • Client extra work bill posting
  • Client debit credit note posting
  • Employee final settlement posting
  • Inventory direct expense posting
  • Broker payment posting
  • Land payable posting
  • Expense voucher bill posting
  • Liaison posting
  • Legal consultant payment posting
  • Voucher creation process follows Draft -> Submit -> Approve -> Process -> Pay process with validity of Taxes, Budgets, necessary authority to approve upto what level along the way
  • Tax Master for easy configuration of new taxes and rules as and when they come
  • Audit functionality for auditors to be involved in selection of vouchers for verification


  • The Human Resource module captures all employee related data illuminating the need for a physical HR file for each employee.
  • Manage all key data elements of employee including statutory requirements of PAN, Permanent Address, Insurance, etc…
  • Create Profile and role of employees
  • Full integrated into Payroll module with e-Payslip facility which automatically links to inbox of employee online with history
  • Auto creation of Group – Ledger – COA as mapped in rules setup during configuration


  • Prospect Registration
  • Lead distribution
  • Prospect follow-up
  • Schedule for the next follow-up details
  • Competitors project details entry
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Department hierarchy definition
  • Confidentiality of data based on the hierarchy
  • Client booking process
  • Client payment management
  • Demand letter generation
  • Client extra work management
  • Client Car park Management
  • Transfer of customers
  • Legal formalities
  • Customer receipts
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